Yes you read that right! 
Following the profound success of our 2014 conference, we're casting our sights a little further ahead to bring you another personally and professionally rich conference experience in 2016.

As a team, we have decided to take a break for 2015. We want to get out there and put into practice all the wonderful things we have learnt in the past five Natural Phenomena Conferences with our own communities, workplaces and families.  
We can't wait to share our 2016 line up with you. Watch out for our newsletters throughout the year. Registrations will open early 2016.
Hosting Richard Louv was indeed an honour last year. His message of a nature-rich future – one full of hope and wonder really struck home.
Perhaps even more so was the message that we are not alone thinking this way and how this issue brings people together.
If you came to The Natural Phenomena 2014, it was great to have you with us.
What were your take homes? How has the conference influenced your teaching/life?
We'd love to hear your insights big or small. Pop over to our Facebook Page and let us know.
Here on the Tutukaka Coast, we had a neat summer initiative “Kids! Make the Most of the Coast -12 Cool Things To Do This Summer”.  It had them jumping off bridges, bushwalking, falling asleep under the stars and other fun things. 
What I loved the most was how some parents were adamant their children wouldn't try or complete some of the challenges and they were proved wrong!
It was a great lesson in standing back.
On another note Te Wheke (a course based on the model of life by Rose Pere) is up and running in Whangarei and Auckland. The journey will take 8 months guided by Anna Gentry and Pania Baxter.   
We trust you've had an wonderful start to the year.
Best wishes
Jane & the rest of the team


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Warm wishes from The Natural Phenomena Team

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