David Key
David Key, Truro, United Kingdom
Consultant, transformational change educator

Dave is a consultant and educator specialising in the design and facilitation of transformational change programmes. His purpose is to help create deep and enduring organisational and social change towards a sustainable future.
Dave's background is in psychology, ecology and outdoor education. His special interest is in the ways experiences of nature can be powerfully transformative toward pro-environmental behaviour.
Over the last 20 years Dave has worked with a diversity of organisations and individuals. He has also taught, supervised and researched extensively in the academic sector and is a published author.
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Pennie Brownlee
Pennie Brownlee, Thames, New Zealand
Accomplished author and early childhood educator

Pennie's deep love and respect for the miraculous natural world has underpinned her five decades of teaching in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors. Self-employed, she offers day courses and residential courses for those who live and work alongside infants and children, with emphases on the Culture of Kindness, Earth Education and Fostering Creativity. She is the author of three well-loved guides for parents and teachers The Sacred Urge to Play, Magic Places and Dance with me in the Heart.
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Robin Grille
Robin Grille, Avalon Beach, Australia
Psychologist and Parenting Educator

Robin's experiential, skills-based and informational parenting courses have helped many people to embrace parenting as a transformative, personal growth journey. Drawing from 28 years clinical experience and from leading-edge neuropsychological research, Robin's seminars and courses focus on healthy emotional development for children as well as parents; while building supportive, co-operative parenting communities.
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Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan, Auckland, New Zealand
Head of Research, School of Sport and Recreation & Associate Director of the Human Potential Centre at AUT

Scott's work is based on the development and testing of new strategies to make kiwi kids active, healthy, and happy. He is currently involved with a number of school-based research projects, and enjoys speaking with teachers and parents about the challenges of promoting free play in a modern world. He is a father of three, husband of one, and sits on the Board of Trustees at Takapuna Primary School in Auckland.
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