Pennie Brownlee, Thames, New Zealand

Accomplished author and early childhood educator

Pennie's deep love and respect for the miraculous natural world has underpinned her five decades of teaching in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors. Self-employed, she offers day courses and residential courses for those who live and work alongside infants and children, with emphases on the Culture of Kindness, Earth Education and Fostering Creativity. She is the author of three well-loved guides for parents and teachers The Sacred Urge to Play, Magic Places and Dance with me in the Heart.

Keynote Presentation: "Balance and Lost Connections"
How shall we grow the next generation of kaitiaki, nature lovers and ecologists in a time when separate species and whole systems are losing their balance? How shall we support babies and children in their quest for the second Great Human Literacy - ecoliteracy?

Pennie Brownlee