Genevieve Simperingham

Ngunguru, NZ - Counsellor & Parent Educator

Workshop title: Maintaining balance to increase harmony and cooperation

Earth, water, fire and air; body, emotion, spirit and mind. This workshop will offer very practical ways to achieve greater balance and harmony through mindful respectful communication skills like active listening, problem solving, "I" statements, loving limits and more. As well as giving examples of the skills in tricky situations, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges in small groups. In an educational system which has focused predominantly on the child's developing mind, it's important for educators to hold the space for growth and harmony on all levels for our tamariki. Teachers have great potential for developing resilience in children through maintaining a physical, emotional and spiritual space of harmony, care, beauty and nurturing which helps children return back to balance again and again as they learn and grow and overcome their frustrations and challenges.

Personal Bio: Genevieve Simperingham runs the Peaceful Parent Institute which offers seminars and eCourses for parents and educators, professional development for teachers, as well as one-on-one counselling and coaching. Genevieve, being one of 9 siblings, grew up on a 180 acre farm in rural Ireland, despite living in a very dysfunctional family, she found peace, excitement and healing in the natural world, and this has hugely influenced her work. Genevieve has facilitated hundreds of workshops and residential retreats over the last 26 years, a big focus of the retreats has been immersion in nature, mindfulness, eating wholesome vegetarian food and generally slowing down and regaining balance. Genevieve has a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, and is a Certified Aware Parenting instructor. She's a feature writer for The Natural Parent Magazine (NZ and Oz) and has a busy following of 88K on her Facebook page and blog.

Genevieve Simperingham 2018