Welby Ings, Auckland, New Zealand

Professor of Design, Filmmaker

Welby Ings is a Professor in Design. He is an elected Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts and has been a consultant to many international organisations on issues of creativity and learning. He is also a multi-award winning designer, illustrator, author and filmmaker. He has taught at all levels of the New Zealand school system and currently co-ordinates the PhD programme in practice-led design research at AUT University. Although he holds professorial positions in a number of international universities, until the age of 15 Welby could neither read nor write. He was expelled from secondary school and later suspended from Teachers' College.
Welby has written and spoken extensively on dehumanized systems of teaching, our obsession with performance, and the benefits of disobedient thought. His newest book Disobedient Teaching has been influential both in New Zealand and overseas, in questioning the nature of assessment, leadership and relevance in education.
In 2001 Dr Ings was awarded the Prime Minister's inaugural, Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence and in 2014 he was awarded the AUT University medal for his contributions to research and creativity.

Keynote Presentation: Out Of The Safety Net: Learning Beyond Ritual

This address is image led. It looks at how we move thinking out of the safety net of preconceived responses and pre-imagined outcomes. Prefigured by a look at what has shaped attitudes underpinning formal education in Aotearoa/New Zealand, it considers the true nature of neurodiverse intelligence and how this might be resourced using open text environments, play and the dissolution of our national preoccupation with comparative testing.


Welby Ings