Helle Nebelong

Helle Nebelong
Danish Landscape Architect and Master of Public Management. She is a key pioneer of the natural playground movement and internationally recognized for her special philosophy and as a designer of nature play spaces where children thrive.

Keynote Address: Childhood Landscapes – Perspectives from Denmark
Based on her renowned playground design in Copenhagen celebrated Landscape Architect and author Helle Nebelong will share her focus on why it’s essential that children are connected with nature and allowed to play not only in the so called ‘risk-free’, standardized playgrounds, which simplify play and teaches children a wrong lesson according to Nebelong. To prepare children to manage life and be strong, social and resilient individuals they need to practice in natural and asymmetrical playscapes. Helle will share her design ideas with asymmetrically shaped elements that forces children to develop the kinesthetic sense used to find out how to move your body in a space, estimating distances, heights and risks. You will be surprised to learn that the recipe to draw children into adventures, exploration and imagination-driven free play is quite simple!
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David Trubridge

David Trubridge
Artist, Designer, Biographer - known for his iconic range of furniture and lighting.

Keynote Address: Beauty Matters
Beauty matters and so does nature.
Without beauty there can be little or no care, and if we don’t care enough about our environment then our environment will not care for us .
Why does beauty matter more in our day than it has ever done before, and how does it relate to sustainability? Is it enough to have environmentally efficient buildings if they are not beautiful as well? Can design be good design if it is not sustainable? David will explore some of these inquiries with us.
He also goes inside our brains to understand why contemporary culture cares so little, and shows how this may be.
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Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber - Internationally recognised as a spiritual teacher and modern day medicine woman

Keynote Address: Communing With Nature – The Essence of Childhood
Interacting with the natural world and the intelligence in nature plays a foundational role in creating, sustaining and maintaining the holistic wellbeing of children. Nature with its devic life has a uniquely potent transformative influence in the lives and consciousness of children. It also creates a deep stable foundation upon which a dynamic aware healthy adult life can develop.

Franchelle will reveal and explain the deeper reasons why nature and communing with nature is so critical for children and what the term ‘communing with nature’ really means. She will also explain why it is the key to creating a healthy and peaceful world.
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Rodney Ngawaka

Rodney Ngawaka - Story teller & Consultant for Indigenous kaupapa, Environmental and Conservation Issues, Mauri World View and Youth Development.

Keynote Address: Kaitiakitanga Journey
Tangatakaitiaki o Aotea and all of the rohe o Ngatiwai is my passion now having turned the corner from being a concrete worker in the city. I have discovered in my journey so far, that I find peace in nature, and that I have a comfortable affinity with our flora and fauna. I am passionate about keeping our waterways, our land, our airspace, our stories and our history, in a condition that we are proud to pass on to our mokopuna as our tupuna did to us. I believe we all have a responsibility to look after our waterways, our airspace and our land space, our Taonga Tuku Iho for the time that we are here. History tells us that our tupuna have bled for this area because if they didn't, then we wouldn't be here.
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