Dr. Ihirangi Heke, (Waikato / Tainui) New Zealand

Health and Physical education consultant. PG DipSci Environmental Management, M.Ed, Ph.D.

Dr. Ihi Heke is currently a health & physical education consultant working with Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), University of Auckland and the New Zealand Ministries of Education and Health. Dr Heke previously held roles at the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago and Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. Dr Heke is also a sport psychology consultant to New Zealand Sport, a swim coach and a motocross and mountain bike specialist.

Dr Heke recently wrote the Atua Matua M?ori Environmental Framework that has been gaining recognition globally in locations such as Ireland, Canada and the US. Dr Heke is a strong supporter of mountain and river connections that can be converted into traditional physical activity and training opportunities suggesting that gains in health can be incidental outcomes that begin with connections to the environment.


Dr. Ihirangi Heke