Anna Gentry

Ngunguru, NZ, [ECE facilitator, Environmental educator, NaturePlay NZ]

Workshop title: "Communing with Nature: the child / animal relationship"

Ancient peoples across our planet understand the necessary requirement to be in right relationship with everything that exists. Maintaining right relationship was central to the sustenance and wellness of the tribe. In the 21st Century we too must remember to honour our connection to everything that exists, to sustain & maintain optimum conditions for growth and total wellbeing.
Our animal kingdom and animal connections nurture this place of relationship. The same place that nurtures the heart and soul of the child. During the workshop we will observe children working in right relationship with horses and explore the territory with communing with the animal kingdom. We will consider the powerful role of the animal in a childs life, and the importance of establishing these connections in the early years of life. Horses from ancient times have been a symbol of true freedom, their magical counterparts - the Unicorn and the Pegasus regularly captivating every childs imagination.

Personal Bios: Anna is co-founder of NaturePlay NZ. An organisation dedicated to assist all the children and the earth to grow in a heart centred relationship in these interesting times. A teacher, mother, healer, her role is to assist the total wellbeing of the children, mother earth and all her inhabitants.

Anna Gentry 2017