Dee Pignéguy

Auckland, NZ, [Writer, researcher and passionate organic gardener]

Workshop title: "The Nutrition, Nature, Brain Development Connection"

At a time when optimal brain development depends on both good nutrition and nature experiences, many of today's children are divorced from both nature and nutrition. Dee's workshop will help educators strengthen their connections to nature while exploring the links between nature, nutrition and brain development. She will introduce you to creative, meaningful ideas that can be used in any learning environment.

Personal Bios: Dee Pignéguy, a former school-teacher, is a dedicated science champion helping to cultivate wonder in our world and pass on nature nous to a new wave of mini scientists. Read her well researched science based books and you will find her views on gardening, nutrition, nature and well-being are inspired. Dee's books are incredibly informative, demonstrating the importance of conservation and sustainability.
Dee is a keen observer of life and she believes Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic will help people engage with nature and realize just how important the natural environment is to sustaining our own life here on Planet Earth
Nature's Techno Tricks is a ground breaking new Kiwi book for readers of all ages. Stunning photographs introduce Biomimetics, a scientific revolution that emulates Nature's best technology. Internationally, scientists are studying natural systems and their technology to solve many environmental problems.

Dee Pigneguy 2017