Genevieve Simperingham

Ngunguru, NZ, [Aware Parent Instructor]

Workshop title: "Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Maintaining a balanced space for the children to thrive"

Earth, water, fire and air; body, emotion, spirit and mind - In an educational system which has traditionally intensified it's focus on the child's developing mind, it's important as teachers & educators to maintain awareness and balance of all elements, potentially holding the space for growth and harmony on all levels for our tamariki. As significant and even attachment figures for the children in their care, teachers hold great potential for developing resilience in children through maintaining a physical, emotional and spiritual space of harmony, care, beauty and nurturing which helps children return back to balance again and again as they experience their frustrations and challenges, as they grow and develop.
This workshop will offer very practical ways to achieve greater balance and harmony as well as giving participants an opportunity to share with each other in small groups the ways that this already happens and how it could be increased.

Personal Bios: Genevieve Simperingham is the founder of the Peaceful Parent Institute (PPI). PPI offer seminars for parents and educators, professional development for teachers and individual coaching for parents, families and early childhood centres. Their mission is to empower parents and teachers with the skills and awareness they need to create more harmony, happiness and peace in their families or centres. Genevieve shares her in-depth study of many renowned experts in the fields of early childhood development and neuroscience, as well as her experience with clients and groups over 22 years and as a parent working with this model for 19 years.
Genevieve has a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counsellor, and is a Certified Aware Parenting instructor, having trained with Dr. Aletha Solter PhD, psychologist and author of five parenting books based on attachment science. She is also a Heart to Heart Parenting Facilitator, trained by Robin Grille to teach his parenting programs. Robin Grille, psychologist and psychotherapist is based in Sydney and is the author of "Parenting for a Peaceful World" and "Heart to Heart Parenting". She's a feature writer for The Natural Parent Magazine (NZ and Oz).

Genevieve Simperingham 2017