Mark Jones & Omine Ivatt

Mark Jones & Omine Ivatt

Auckland, NZ [Outdoor educators, Lecturer and Crafters]

Workshop title: "Food from the Flames" (workshop full)

Nothing brings people together like food, and campfire cooking is a special kind of nourishment that also feeds the soul. Producing quality baking by fire is a magic trick children never tire of being a part of- an easy in to a kid's heart. Come and learn how to harness the primal element of fire to produce tasty treats to rival what comes from the kitchen and to explore the ways that this activity can be programmed for kids.

Personal Bios: Mark Jones is a lecturer in the field of outdoor education at AUT University. He has been an outdoor practitioner for more than 30 years, and instructed and lectured as an outdoor educator for 25 of those. One of his areas of interest is the value of crafting as an educational tool. His experiences support crafting as a powerful medium to enhance a wide range of student learning events in the outdoors.

Omine Ivatt is the Steve Irwin of New Zealand outdoor education. He offers outdoor learning for schools and community groups through the Craft Lab and the Educators Tool-Kit. Omine is passionate about crafting as an educational medium and excited about sharing his knowledge and skills.

Mark Jones and Omine Ivatt 2017