Waikarere Gregory

Northland, NZ [Earth connected Home-school mother]

Workshop title: "Sounds of this whenua"

During this workshop we will listen to and explore some Maori stories, interspersed with the reo/voices of various taonga puoro/maori musical instruments. From these we will identify ideas about the world we live in and ways of relating to it and placing ourselves in it. The importance of telling these stories, keeping them alive, will become clear to the participants.

Personal Bios:

Ko Tinana te waka
Ko Tumoana te tangata
Ko Taumatamahoe te maunga
Ko Tangonge te wai
Ko Te Rarawa te iwi me te marae
Ko Ngati-Te-Ao te hapu
Ko Waikarere Gregory toku ingoa

I was born and raised in Pukepoto, on my ancestral lands, close to our marae in the Far North, where the storytelling of my father brought my world to life and helped "educate" me. I am now a te reo speaking, home-schooling mama of two tamariki, living back on my Nannies whenua and am passionate about sharing these stories with anyone who will listen!

Waikarere Gregory 2017