Wiremu Sarich

Kaitaia, NZ, [Educator traditional Maori games]

Workshop title: "Ako atu ako mai the reciprocal nature of learning/teaching from a Maori perspective" (workshop full)

The workshop will begin with introductions and a brief history of Ako. Wiremu will demonstrate and lead out a series of traditional Maori games designed to highlight the holistic perspective of traditional practices and how Maori relate to the natural world. The workshop will include a resource building exercise using natural resources e.g. flax, manuka, karamu leaves. The workshop is completely interactive and guaranteed to draw out the creative potential and collective experiences of all participants. Ako has a virtually limitless potential as an educational tool for teachers and students alike.

Personal Bios: Wiremu Sarich is a Youth Educator working at Te Oranga for Te Runanga o Te Rarawa in Kaitaia. Wiremu has been utilizing Nga Taonga Takaro (traditional Maori games/past times) to promote healthy activity in schools throughout Muriwhenua from North Hokianga to Te Kao. For the past year Wiremu has been developing a new initiative which draws on the same principals and pedagogies inherent in Nga Taonga Takaro he calls "Ako" (to learn, to teach or instruct). Ako is a group activity derived from the Maori concept of reciprocal learning (ako atu. ako mai). Ako activities/games are specifically designed toward the enhancement of the three core principals: 1 communication, 2 co-operation and 3 co-ordination.

Wiremu Sarich 2017