Scott Duncan, Auckland, New Zealand

Head of Research, School of Sport and Recreation & Associate Director of the Human Potential Centre at AUT

Scott's work is based on the development and testing of new strategies to make kiwi kids active, healthy, and happy. He is currently involved with a number of school-based research projects, and enjoys speaking with teachers and parents about the challenges of promoting free play in a modern world. He is a father of three, husband of one, and sits on the Board of Trustees at Takapuna Primary School in Auckland.

Keynote Presentation: "The way kids used to play: Gone but not forgotten?"
How can we foster a free and adventurous play culture in New Zealand children? This presentation will comprise three parts. First, the concepts of free play and independent mobility will be clearly defined and the potential benefits described. Second, the current state of play in New Zealand will be discussed using nationwide surveys, urban design and mobility data, and recent case studies. Third, interactive conversation around the risks and benefits of fostering a free play culture in New Zealand will be facilitated. The overall purpose of this presentation is to challenge our current way of thinking and to encourage reflection and debate about the potential role of free, outdoor play in New Zealand society.

Scott Duncan