Te Puna Reo o Ngã Kãkano

Mahea Tomoana, Tania Gaffey, Wellington, NZ - Urban Kaupapa Mãori Educators

Workshop title: Ko wai au? Nõ hea au?

This year Te Puna Reo o Ngã Kãkano celebrates 10 years of discovering and strengthening connections.
We, the kaiako have committed ourselves to ongoing learning to deepen our knowledge base, our ako/pedagogy and our kaupapa as we provide a service to our hapori/community; allowing m?tauranga Mãori to blossom.
We would like to share the most recent years of our journey that has planted us deeper into our whenua, linked us more strongly with mana whenua, the history and special landmarks of our takiw?/area in urban P?neke.
Through our evolving sense of who we are as a puna reo, we make sense of the connections for tamariki from their own whakapapa to the centre pepeha and the relevance of these to their own identity.

Personal Bio's: We are an urban kaupapa Mãori early learning centre committed to supporting the revitalisation of te reo Mãori and fostering the connections for tamariki through whakapapa, natural environments and traditional practices.
As a presenting team we collectively have 35 plus years in ECE, 25 years in kaupapa Mãori education.
We have been involved in 'The innovative pedagogical approach' project. We are about to reflect at silver level as an Enviroschool and have staff representatives on advisory groups and as an advocate for StoryPark. As an active member in our Enviroschools cluster network and through other kaupapa and ECE networks we continue to share, to grow and to learn.

Erin Robertson