John Lawry

Auckland, NZ - Educator, Bach. Ed., Master craftsman

Workshop title: Playing with the Elements (wokshop full)

In an age when technology is becoming increasingly 'hands-off' this workshop brings vitality to exploring one of mankind's basic technology tools; FIRE. This is a hands-on workshop making a Neolithic pit-forge and exploring core blacksmithing techniques.

'PLAYING WITH THE ELEMENTS' is essentially a hands-on workshop to make a Neolithic pit-forge and using it, explore core blacksmithing techniques. The supportive tasks of bellows-making and charcoal-making will be discussed. So too the pedagogical principles of developing the connections between the ancient learning principles of the TEMPERAMENTS and the ELEMENTS. Fire by spark, bringing together mankind's two most basic technologies; FIRE and SHARP EDGES (flint), using each to create the other, will be explored too.

Personal Bio: Born 31.5.1950, in Auckland, New Zealand, a fifth generation South Pacific Celt, my life experience as artisan & educator is circa 25 years a-piece.
My formative years, helping my father (an architect) and grandfather (a carpenter) build our house, establish gardens and an orchard, being nurtured by my mother and grandmother's attentive care and comprehensive self-sufficient skills (cooking, sewing, knitting) by which they made our house a home, or playing in the bush where my lifelong love of bush-craft was born, are infused with the rich colours of music-making and storytelling.
In 2010, a confluence of my life-long interest immersion in craft and education occurred when, inspired by Bernard Graves, I began the process of establishing and developing at Michael Park Steiner School, the Outdoor Classroom's comprehensive curriculum gardens, lower-school craft / experiential skills-based curriculum, its integration into H/S Technology, an intensive Masterclass Craft program and camps.

John Lawry 2018