Pennie Brownlee

Thames, NZ - Author and early childhood educator

Workshop title: Drawing makes sense of the world

Whenever anything makes an impression ON human consciousness, it seeks expression BY human consciousness. This is the co-creative expression of consciousness. In this workshop we will explore our connections with the world of Nature through drawing. There is NO expertise required, honest. If you can hold a pencil or an oil pastel you are more than qualified to attend this workshop.

Personal Bio: Pennie's deep love and respect for the miraculous natural world has underpinned her five decades of teaching in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors. Self-employed, she offers day courses and residential courses for those who live and work alongside infants and children, with emphasis on the Culture of Kindness, Earth Education and Fostering Creativity. She is the author of three well-loved guides for parents and teachers The Sacred Urge to Play, Magic Places and Dance with me in the Heart.

Pennie Brownlee 2018a