Tia Healey-Jellick

Kerikeri, NZ - Native Healing Herbals

Workshop title: Making Medicine from Nature

This workshop presentation will give you relevant and simple information to use at home and to empower all ages to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and that of the environment around them. Tia will focus on the simplistic ways to teach children how to make their own healing balms. The presentation will be structured in such way that it will stimulate and empower adults to then transfer the information to any age group.

Tia will focus on a few very common medicinal plants that will be easy for anyone to identify. We will also look at the moon cycles and how it affects harvesting and our own bodies. We will delve into the most beneficial ways to harness the medicine from nature using intention as well as practical hands on skills. You will be shown how to take raw materials and make them into one powerful healing remedy that can treat almost any ailment. Tia has been going into schools and running adults workshops for over 13 years teaching to all age groups.

Personal Bio: Tia grew up in the bush and developed a lifelong respect and reverence for nature and all its bounty. She utilises what is naturally abundant from all forms of health and wellness. She uses knowledge that was common to our ancestors and used by all races across time. She shares her knowledge as a contribution to the world around her and the future world that her children will reside in. She will open the doorway into another possibility for wellness, self-empowerment through taking ownership of our health, our bodies and our environment.

Tia Healey-Jellick