Who we are

The Natural Phenomena Incorporated Society (Charitable Trust) came together in 2009 with a vision of bringing an all-encompassing outdoor Nature Education Conference together for Early Childhood Educators, Teachers and Parents throughout New Zealand.

We are a group of committed volunteers with a variety of skills and interests but all with the underlying passion of the natural world and educating children through nature.

In 2013 we became the Nature Education Network, reflecting the incorporation of extra activities in the Nature Education field.

Our main focus continues to be The Natural Phenomena, a heartfelt weekend conference held in the outdoors for anyone who has an interest in connecting children with nature and making a difference in young people’s lives.

The event is an outdoor in nature experience for all educators and parents inspired by the natural world and passionate to explore how nature can be such a powerful teacher. Many national & international delegates return each year to bathe in the beauty & wonders of learning from nature.

The conference is located in "The Wild Woods" - an ancient stand of native woodland east of Whangarei, in an area known as Kiripaka. Surrounded in stoney outcrops, the forested space is pure magic, which invokes inspiration, awe and wonder and reminds us of these key aspects of childhood. This paradise has been in family ownership since 1898.

Come share the inspiration and joy of being amongst this beauty whilst extending your learning. Our goal is to inspire and connect as many educators as possible about ways to bring the joy of nature and the outdoors into young children’s lives.